Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Things That Disturb Me

1. It disturbs me when I go into a public restroom and a woman is in a stall just having a merry little conversation on her cellphone while she is doing her business. I didn't need to know that you picked up some of that new Special K cereal and that you think it tastes better than Kashi.

2. As open-toed-shoe season approaches, it is very important that we all take care of our feet. Now, I am aware that I have more of a foot issue than most people. It is incredibly important to me that my feet look pretty and well pedicured at all times. But honestly, I'm gonna need everyone else to atleast clip their toe nails during these warm summer months. Please. I may gag. It is disturbing.

3. Last night, I made tacos for dinner. Tacos with sour cream and lettuce and cheese. And I had a glass of water to drink with my tacos. You know what my husband chose as his beverage? CHOCOLATE MILK. Chocolate milk and tacos. That disturbs me.

4. Does the "Double Checked for Accuracy" sticker at McDonald's really mean anything? Or is it just for decoration? Cause I'm pretty sure "no egg" on a breakfast sandwich shouldn't come out with an egg on it. I was disturbed.

5. Siobhan Magnus on American Idol is starting to disturb me. Homegirl can sing but it's a little bit like watching your crazy, quirky, eccentric 4th grade teacher sing karaoke to the best of her ability.

6. I can't bring a can of aerosol hairspray on the plane this weekend. Lindsee and I are worried that we have to settle for the tiny little pump bottles that do nothing. Lindsee is worried about her Root Lifter or whatever she calls the chemical that gets her hair to do the amazing things that it does. The tiny pump bottles will disturb our attempt to have great hair all weekend. Boo.

7. Disturbing: I found some cute black heels that I wanted to purchase for work but I will not purchase them as they cost $210. Nothing special about them at all. My current black work heels are just looking a bit ratty and I wanted some new ones but I do not want to spend $210 on plain black pointy toe heels. Ain't no way.

8. I had a disturbing thought this morning when I woke up a little bit before my alarm clock. As I saw that I was awake before I was supposed to be, I thought for a half a millisecond "Maybe I should get up and go for a jog" and then I told Satan to get behind me and I went back to sleep.

9. The new chicken sandwich from KFC that is not really a sandwich as it involves NO BREAD AT ALL but just 2 pieces of breaded chicken holding the "sandwich" together? DISTURBING.

10. I am disturbed that it is only 9:00 and I will be here till 5:00. Sad day.


  1. first and foremost: what does Lindsee use on her hair?

    second: you're hilarious and i think i agree on all points. well said.

  2. I SAW NUMBER NINE ON THE TV AND JUST THOUGHT SICK. Flat out disgusting! They are going to have to do better than that!

  3. "Lindsee is worried about her Root Lifter or whatever she calls the chemical that gets her hair to do the amazing things that it does. The tiny pump bottles will disturb our attempt to have great hair all weekend. Boo."

    I am seriously dying over here! You are stinkin' hilarious. I know this to be true both in blogging and in real life.

    I'm heading to Beauty Brands tomorrow to see if they have a tiny root lifter. Let's pray they do. Lord knows we'll be taking 7896 pictures this weekend. Our hair must be precise.

    Laura, to answer your question, I use a myriad of things. However, I'll tell you my fav products. And I'm telling you upfront, I'm a complete and utter hair product snob.

    Biolage S&C (any kind), Amplify gets the volume going, Big Sexy Hair (hairspray and root lifter) and then this Biolage milk stuff that makes it all soft and stuff.

    I don't use those all at once, I just switch out periodically. I get bored and search for more. But I'll have you know, I have a very full head of hair!

    Wow, did I really just write all that out? I really feel a blog post coming soon.

  4. Eww with the talking on the phone in the bathroom
    I was with Cole in the Target bathroom and a lady next to me was talking on her phone and was going #2 - OK GROSS lady!
    Cole was completely intrigued by the lady and kept asking "is she on the phone mommy? Why is she talking on the phone in the bathroom mommy? ...." LOL
    And I get to see you in 2DAYS

  5. I found you while reading some fellow bloggers. :) I love TiVo too!

  6. I think it is safe to say that you are indeed disturbed! I love you and I love reading your crazy blog!!

  7. People on their cell phones in the bathroom drive me NUTS!

    Love your blog - new follower here:)

  8. I miss pedicures on my lunch break...