Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ali + Roberto = Love (atleast for the next few months)

My thoughts from the finale:

1. I feel like everyone involved in the show needed to make a collective decision on how they were going to pronounce Roberto's name. Is it Rober-do? Rober-Toe? RoBEARto? Are we rolling the R?

2. Cape Cod Chris was a classy, classy guy the entire time. He can hold his head high. What a precious boy.

3. Kudos to Ali for not dragging it out for a sweet forever. She sent him home as soon as she knew.

4. I heart her engagement ring. And the earrings she was wearing too.

5. I have no idea why she woke up that morning and said "Hey, when I get engaged I want to be wearing a dress the color of mustard".

6. Poor Roberto was so sweaty when he proposed.

7. Between "On the Wings of Love" and "Can You Feel the Love Tonight", ABC needs to fire the dude who picks the music.

8. Um, I am just gonna come right out and say it. At the "After the Final Rose" special, Roberto all of a sudden became all kinds of adorable to me.

9. Her hair finally looked good last night.

10. They look super cute together

11. Our Host Chris Harrison is my favorite.

12. Frank not showing up = coward.

13. Really, ABC? A helicopter?? How ORIGINAL. That is something you've NEVER done before!!

I think that's all.

Your thoughts? Opinions?


  1. I wanted Chris. Very badly. I almost threw a 5 pound weight at her when she sent him home. Rett had to stop me. I liked her earings. I want to hang out with you. We live close.

  2. 1. I agree. Her sister was THE WORST. It's Row-Bert-Toe. For real.

    2. Yes ma'm. I had a feeling he'd get his heart broken and I shed a few real tears for him. The rainbow story -- too much.

    3. I have SO MUCH RESPECT for this decision.

    6. Way sweaty. Kinda think it's because he was in a suit in Tahiti. Yikes.

    7. Totally Lame. We laughed.

    9. Worst hair in history. It was all over the place when she was in bed with Roberto.

    12. Scumbag.