Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Piano

Friday morning when I got to work, I learned that my parents had posted a video on their Facebook pages of me as a 2 year old playing my piano.

(Okay I have spent the entire day trying to upload these videos and I am about to pull scream/cry/eat fettucine alfredo so you are just going to get a YouTube link)

As you can see, I've always been really quiet and dainty and soft.

For 12 or 13 years, I took piano lessons from Lindsee's mom. I spent hours practicing on that piano. Then, my senior year of highschool, I actually began to teach piano lessons myself. I had 4 students and I am sure that they are all concert pianists now. Or, not.

When I left for college, I would come home on the weekends and play to my heart's content. And after I got married and moved to Louisiana, I had a huge piano-shaped void in my life and when we came to visit Houston, I would always spend a chunk of my weekend at my parent's piano.

I'd always hoped that someday in the distant future, I would inherit that piano. I've just spent so much time sitting at it and playing those familiar keys that I couldn't ever bear for someone else to have it. But in the meantime, it belonged to my parents.

And then, my birthday was Friday. I turned 26. Grant and Lindsee were really weird as we left dinner, trying to stall me. Grant would gasp and point at my car and say "What happened here?! What happened to your car?!" and I would just look at him like he was crazy and say "Um... it's bird poop". He was thinking of anything and everything to get me to stay put for awhile so my parents could get in the house and get settled. He at one point asked me if I enjoyed my dinner.

And then Lindsee was doing her mascara and loudly proclaimed "Well, I am really just enjoying doing my makeup in this still car!".

Oh, my people are weird.

So I came home and my family was already in my house. Here is what happened.

The video cuts off before you see me hugging my mom for a good 15 seconds.

I LOVE having the piano in the house. I've pulled out all of my old books and playing things that I haven't played in a decade. Even Grant is learning!

For some reason he doesn't want me to give him lessons.

I can't imagine why.

That first video up there shows that I am both a talented pianist and singer. Geez.


  1. I love this so so so much!

    At what age will you accept Caroline for lessons my dear friend??

  2. What a wonderful gift...and I love the video clips!

  3. I LOVE the video of you when you were little! I love when you said "IM not done yet!" so precious!

  4. Happy Birthday a little late... loved the videos - it's a birthday you will never forget.

  5. could you be any cuter?! then and now! happy birthday!

  6. LOVE it. I love everything about this post. But more than anything I LOVED being there in person to see your fun reaction. Happy Birthday, BFF!