Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You May Never See Paragraphs Again

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time for another edition of "Jen the Newlywed: Random Thoughts That Are Not Connected or Related in Any Form Whatsoever". What can I say, I am a literary genius that writes masterpieces for your reading pleasure every 2 to 3 days.

My breakfast lately has consisted of 2 Honey Maid Graham Crackers and one big ol' cup of coffee. I'm using the "Skinny Vanilla Latte" creamer from International Delight. It's my favorite.

I'm also on a big kick of snacking on kettle cooked chips. I feel like I'm being healthier or something. I have no idea if that is true or not but it makes me feel better when eating them by the handfulls.

My niece Grace Parker really loves wearing dresses and kinda refuses to wear anything else. Scarlett and Juliet are like that too. Very feminine little ladies. Anyhoo, my sister Jaclyn bought Grace a t-shirt that is pink and has sparkles and bedazzles all over it and it says "Preschool Princess" or something to that effect. Even though it wasn't a dress, Jaclyn thought Grace might wear it due to all the sparklies on it.... but when Jaclyn presented the shirt to 3 year old Grace, Grace looked at it and said "Mommy? Do you know what that shirt says? It says "Grace Will Not Wear That Shirt".

I wish she had opinions.

Sometimes when my husband is playing Call of Duty on the XBox and talking to all his buddies via headset, I like to run into the room and start singing and dancing, Vaudeville style. HE LOVES THAT.

So, I'm still all up in the and learning about my family lineage, as well as Grant's. I was able to trace my mom's paternal grandfather's line back to the early 1100's. They were all nobles and lords and earls in England. Just like we are here in Texas.

Grant has a great great grandfather named Duardo. He also has a great great grandfather named Joaquimo. Keep in mind that my husband was born with blond hair and still has the clearest blue eyes. I was all confused.

I feel like this is the 3rd time that I've blogged about this, but if you haven't had the macaroni and cheese at Panera, you need to do that.

I washed the sheets. Grant got in bed and wouldn't shut up about how they feel so good and "they smell like a summer breeze". He then proceeded to sing "Summer Breeze... makes me feel fine....blowing through the jasmine in my mind".

I feel like I should probably wash the sheets more often than I do.

When I turned on the closet light this morning, it flickered about 30 times and then went off. The whole time it was flickering, I was saying "No no no no no no" and then went it went out I had to go get our really bright flashlight and pick out my clothes holding this giant light. I felt like I was camping.

Today's heat index is 109 degrees. I heard the weather man say something about taking care of your plants because this heat is "cruel and brutal" to plants. Um, it is cruel and brutal to humans. Thanks.

I'm done for today. Now go ponder for the next 24 hours on all the insightful, profound wisdom I have shared with you.


  1. Jen,

    ..did some "laughing out loud" on this post.

    How funny is your neice, and you are right about the heat. Las Vegas Heat is not kind to humans (or, plants--thank you, Mr. Weatherman!) either.


  2. Totally unrelated...Happy Birthday, Jen!! Hope you have a fun day.

    p.s. I'm a friend of your aunt Donna's. Love your blog.

  3. I always have a few bites of C's mac and cheese at Panera and think of you!