Sunday, January 11, 2015

Golden Globes 2015: Red Carpet Recap

I went to dinner with some girlfriends tonight. Before I left the house, I watched an hour of the E! Red Carpet special while getting ready and taking copious notes. I set the DVR to record the rest of the red carpet arrivals, and then I set the DVR to record the Golden Globe Awards. Then, I went to eat Italian food with my friends. I had cheese tortellini and we had a wonderful time (like we always do) (cause we're awesome like that) (WHAT'S UP, LADIES?!!) and then I said my goodnights. I told them I had an award show to watch and a blog to write.


So after I had a little moment about that, I thankfully found Tina & Amy's (awesome) opening monologue (the Clooney joke was my favorite) on YouTube and then did some reading on who won everything. I am beyond disappointed that I don't get to watch the show, but I am thankful for the World Wide Web and all that it provides for a gal like me who just wants to eat Cheese Tortellini with her friends from time to time. 

Now, without further adieu, I am thrilled to do my first Red Carpet Recap of 2015!!!

Jen and Justin, looking very sleek.

Look, it goes without saying that Emma is my hair role model. And I love the top to this.... dress? Pantsuit? I'm a little confused. But she is kind of darling all the time. HAIR. ROLE. MODEL. 

Okay, her hair is fabulous. The dress looked a little like leather on TV. I'm not sure. 

Welcome to the red carpet, Mrs. Clooney! I have high hopes for you. I expected you in red tonight, for some reason. And, I expected your hair up. I did not expect the white gloves. All in all, this is pretty but it's a little dated, maybe? Regardless, she's beautiful. 

For the life of me, I do not understand what is happening here. Did she get this from someone on Etsy?

Amy Adams always makes great choices. I loved this color... would we call it periwinkle? I also liked the back, it had a lovely little embellishment where the dress gathered. Really lovely detail.

 Just once I'd like for her to choose a dress that is a little more tailored. Her eyes look very pretty!

Oh, the beautiful people. SO. PRETTY. 

Julianne Moore wore a mirror this evening.

This picture would be even better if Jim Halpert were next to her. 

 This looks like melted crayons.

A gorgeous red dress paired with a belt from Forever 21. 

(Side note, she was there as a date with Kevin Spacey. Did we know this? Are they together? Is that weird?) Update: Thank you, Tim, for pointing out that they are co-stars on House of Cards. This makes this much less weird. 

Mr. McConaughey has chosen a hunter green velvet jacket. Merry Christmas, y'all!

MAJOR EDIT! Thank you to my friend, Mina, who let me know that this image is from LAST YEAR! This is what happens when I don't watch the show and I have to trust the internet, people. Sigh. Anyways, here's the real pic of Mr. and Mrs. McConaughey from the year 2015.

My thoughts: a) please shave b) she is gorgeous c) she needs more jewelry. 

Moving on!

First and foremost, I'd like to take a moment and acknowledge the fact that this dear woman had a baby mere WEEKS ago and chose this dress with all the skin and all the cutouts and all the parts of it that are not pajama pants, which was my uniform weeks after having a baby. Sister is straight up BRAVE. She looks beautiful. Her earrings were just about some of the prettiest I've ever seen.  I will say, however, that I feel like somehow it didn't fit her just quite right. I feel a very strong urge to hoist up the girls. 

Loooove her dress. Love. Elegant. And he ain't so hard to look at, either.

Okay, it goes without saying that I love and adore them. Also, I loved their opening monologue dresses much better than these dresses. I'm not quite sure what I mean by this, but Tina's dress looks like a blend of several things you'd see on a Pinterest wedding inspiration board. 

He's wearing a NAHVY BLUE TUXAHDO! 


CALM DOWN, J LO. It's just the Golden Globes. And you're just presenting. This is a lot of activity and a lot of drama and a lot of your chest region. I mean we're all very proud of how well you're aging but this is just a lot happening.

This is Zosia. I still do not know who she is, but I remember her from last year. I'd like to give her a gold star as this year is a vast improvement. 

If you don't remember what I'm talking about, here's Zosia wearing a leather mustache on her coconuts at the 2013 Emmy Awards:

This is darling Ellie Kemper and this is a lovely dress! The back was even prettier. 

Reese (who looks like my friend, Rachel) is just flawless here. Absolutely flawless. It's simple and perfect. 

This is Lorde who sings "Royals". This ensemble makes me feel like she should be cast as a villain in a sci-fi thriller for young adults. Her name would be Danika Triton or something along those lines. 

 This is Kelsey Grammer's daughter and she is Miss Golden Globes 2015. Lovely dress, my dear!

Melissa. I love you forever. I adore you. But to this dress, I say no. Just.... no. 

I loved her jewelry, especially her bracelets. 

I don't really know who this is, but when Giuliana was interviewing her, I wrote down in my notes "I want her skin". That sounds a little creepy, now that I type it out. Seriously though, beautiful skin!

Savannah! I adore her. That blue is a great color!

I don't know who this is and I don't know what is happening. Is she a character in Star Wars?

This looks like a tablecloth. 

Beautiful dress on Kate Beckinsale. Where has she been lately?

 Allison is so funny and talented. I love the cut of this dress and how feminine it is. She told Giuliana that when picking her gown for tonight, "this dress just spoke to me so loudly." Maybe because it is a tiny bit loud? It's so pretty... I just maybe feel like it was a bit more Oscar appropriate? And did something about her hair seem a little off? All in all, it's a gorgeous look. I bet this looks absolutely breathtaking in person

 I wish this went all the way down to the floor. She is so, so overwhelmingly pretty. 

You know what this dress needs? A snake necklace. Oh wait, she has one!

I'm sorry. I need another moment with Keira. The collar. The Butterfly wrist corsage. WHAT. WHY.

 Lady Edith Crawley!! Welcome to America! She looks beautiful, and so thin!

Eeeek! Anna! I like this navy color and I like her and I'm so glad she won. She is a doll. 

Seriously, there were so many beautiful looks tonight. Who were your favorites? Anyone I failed to mention? Share your thoughts!


  1. I feel like Keira may have possibly stolen Anne of Green Gables' night gown.

  2. Oh Kiera, I could really care less if it's Chanel... She just made all preggos look bad. Sweet girl, bad bad choice, next show she has a chance for redemption! Thanks for the laughs Jen, you're awesome :)

  3. Oh, and I feel light Tina Fey (however so pretty) looks like a fancy lightbulb... Just sayin :)

  4. Armani doesn't make a blue tux...

  5. My Twinkie (Anna Kendrick) looked stunning tonight as well. Just saying.
    I loved your re-cap, you are oh sooo funny.

  6. Jen.. I was in tears from laughing by the end of this.. You and your blog are absolutely perfect in every way! :) xoxox

  7. Jen-- I was in tears from laughing by the end of this.. You and your blog are absolutely perfect in every way! :) xoxox

  8. And this is why you're the best. Seriously, as I was watching the awards, I was thinking "Jen is going to comment on that and that... oh and DEFINITELY that!" Like Kerri Washington's dress needing to hit the floor-- yes! Oh, and Zosia and Star Wars lady are from Girls on HBO. I feel that I should also note that I read this while at work (whoopsie) and definitely snort-laughed at "I want her skin" haha. Can't wait for the Oscars! Maybe you should make your cheese tortellini at home that night, ya know... just to be safe :)