Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ready to Run..... Sorta. Kinda.

Thank you all for your sweet and encouraging words over the last few days, whether it be here in the comments or on the Facebook page or wherever. Y'all are so sweet and I'm so thankful to have such cool people all over the world. Yesterday's post was one of the most read ever on this here little blog, which tells me that many of us are dealing with death and sorrow. And that makes me sad. But that's life and that's what we're dealing with. I'm not saying I don't like writing about sad things, but it's not my default, it's not where I immediately go to. I write the happy, and pray about the sad. Yesterday I wrote about the sad. And that's okay. I have to do that sometimes. But today, I'm going to write about the happy, or at least the mundane.

Deep breath.

In other news, I ran 10 miles on Sunday.

Yes, I know. And I wasn't even running from an attacker or anything like that. I did it by choice.

The half marathon is in 2 weeks and I needed to get another long run in and I did 10 miles for the first time ever. Before I started training for this dang thing, the furthest I had ever run was chasing an ice cream truck down the block. This is so out of character for me.

Here I am, before the run, looking super cheery and having a "can-do" attitude:

Unfortunately, about 2 hours later, I did not look that happy. My knees are broken, I'm sure of it, and I used the foam roller on my back that night for approximately forever.

Someone asked me recently if I like running now that I've been doing in consistently for several months.

Can I be honest?

Not really.

Is that bad? It's not that I hate it, and I do feel a sense of accomplishment, but it just takes too long and I find it incredibly unproductive. Do you know how many other things I could be doing for TWO WHOLE HOURS rather than just running and then coming home and collapsing for the rest of the day, then briefly getting up to take a shower and then promptly collapsing again? It RUINS me for the whole day. I just walk around and groan. I'm sure I'm just a joy to live with.

Another fun fact about the last month? I've GAINED SIX POUNDS. WHAT. WHY. I'm running TEN DANG MILES, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!

Maybe it's all the carb loading I do before and after a run and also every single day, all day?

Anyways here are a few things to look forward to:

1. The Golden Globes are this Sunday, hooray! Be sure to check back either Sunday night or Monday morning (depending on whether or not I have my act together) for the annual Red Carpet Recap.

2. I'll be doing a post later this week on some of my favorite toddler toys and activities. 

3. Ellie goes back to MDO this week. Well, that's not necessarily something you are going to look forward to, as it doesn't affect you in any way, but I sure am looking forward to it. And so is she! She misses her little friends and her teachers and asks for them all the time. I just want to go to HomeGoods without telling someone to STOP TOUCHING EVERYTHING. 

Alright, friends, I'm off to get a little munchkin from her crib. Have a Happy Tuesday!

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