Tuesday, June 3, 2008


i am: more organized than I ever have been.

i think: about the future more often than I should.

i know: that I will never be tan.

i want: macaroni and cheese.

i have: the most amazing friends in the whole wide world!

i wish: Jim would propose to Pam.

i hate: politics.

i miss: theater.

i fear: God.

i feel: like dancing. yeah.

i hear: the air conditioner.

i smell: nothing.

i crave: Bowtie pasta in a cream sauce with chicken from Johnny Carino's.

i search: google

i wonder: if i will have boys or girls or both.

i regret: the perm. i mean honestly. for the love.

i love: my nieces.

i ache: for those who lose a child.

i care: about celebrities. I don't know why. but I do.

i always: talk too much.

i am not: shy.

i believe: that Jesus is the only way.

i dance: to certain TV show theme songs. I'm not saying which ones.

i sing: with my whole heart.

i don't always: dust.

i fight: rarely.

i write: sweet emails to Grant while he is at work.

i lose: my marbles sometimes.

i never: feel like I got enough sleep.

i can usually be found: with a big comfy blanket.

i am scared: of losing someone I love.

i need: Jesus.


  1. We've got the gifts, we've got the gifts. Yeahhhhh...we've got the gifts!!!

  2. Jen,
    I just miss you! It isn't fair that you moved to Houston with Lindsee and family...I think you should come to ABQ and we can hang out and eat macaroni and cheese and dance. It would just be great!

    Love you!