Sunday, June 22, 2008

That Ring is Just Smashing!

I did something bad.

I was helping someone at work rearrange their office, and in the midst of it I smashed my hand between a desk and a brick wall. The result of this is a very bruised finger and a very MESSED UP DIAMOND RING!!

AGH! I am SO MAD! I bent 2 prongs on my engagement ring and the centerstone is all crooked and the setting is all messed up. The centerstone is wiggly and I am keeping the ring in a little envelope for the time being cause I don't wanna lose my stone. It is so weird though. Grant proposed to me on August 13, 2005, and yesterday was the very first day since then that the ring has not been on my finger.

We took it to a jeweler today, and it isn't gonna be as easy to fix as I was hoping. We have some decisions to make, including the possibility of putting the stone in a different setting.

What ticks me off the most is that right before the smashing of the hand, someone offered to help me move the table. And I said, "No, no, I can do it". So prideful! So I am wearing my wedding bands, and that's all fine and good. If I could just rewind! My poor ring!

For the record, my husband has been absolutely precious and sweet about all this. He knows it was an accident, and he is just glad the stone itself isn't ruined.

So what do we think ladies? Should I put the stone back in the current setting with the possibility of this happening again? Or should I put it in an altogether new setting? This would be kinda fun to change it up a bit, but also I would be kinda sad, since that is the ring that was given to me when Grant asked me to marry him.

What do you think?


  1. Aw man - I am so sorry about the ring and your finger
    I would get a price on repairing the ring as is and then find out what it would be for a new setting

    Then make your decision based on that :)

    I am all about the most cost effective route although I am pretty sentimental too

    Ok I probably did not help at all - hehe

  2. Did he get it at a chain store like Jared or Shane CO? If so they guarantee against things like this and have a life time warrenty on things like this. They should be able to fix it for you for free. If he didn't I'd get a few estimates and being the sentimental person I am ... I'd want to stick to something that was as close to what he originally got ... of course price would be a huge factor! :) no help huh?

  3. I'm going to need to see pictures of options in order to make my suggestion :)
    The setting you hsve is already SO would be hard to beat :)

  4. Oh no! I can't believe that happened! But, in this situation, I am totally with Jaclyn! :) Pictures please if you change it up...but I do love your ring!

  5. I agree with the picture comments! And personally, I'd somewhat regret getting it set in a different setting. If it's not cost prohibitive to get it repaired in the current setting, I'd do that.

  6. This is just so sad. I don't know what I would do. Probably the cheapest option...

    It is just so sad though. At least your fingers are okay and the diamnond is okay. YOu really must have smashed your hand hard...what strength you have:)

    Hope it works out!