Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Longest Week

I'd like to lift up my dear darling Jo in prayer, as it is June 11 and it was SNOWING today in Great Falls, Montana. I know you ache for that sun, precious girl! I would GLADLY send you this 100 degree weather for a few days if I could!!

I got my haircut tonight. It's pretty cute. Nothing drastic, but something a little shorter for this HOT summer weather!

It has been a slow week. The work days have not been quite as busy and there is nothing to watch on TV. We are now avid fans of The Bachelorette. I pick Jason to win it. Some people think it is Jeremy, but I am not so sure. Besides, his eyebrows are questionable.

This week is dragging on so much, I think mainly because KATIE & MO ARE COMING TO HOUSTON THIS WEEKEND TO VISIT!!!!!! I have not seen Katie in one month and 12 days and that is just entirely too long. Friday just can't get here fast enough!

I have been bored this week. And semi-sad. There has been alot of bad news and sad friends and lots of prayers for comfort and peace. Blog-land has been eerily quiet lately, unless someone has something tragically heart breaking to share, and then I just get all teared up when I read it.

Right now Grant is laying on the couch, watching the 1,367th thing about Tiger Woods. The U.S. Open is this weekend. It lasts Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I am thrilled. The first tee pairs up Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Adam Scott (three of the top players) and Grant is so excited. Apparently he thinks that this may warrant taking a half day. I thought that Brad Pitt being in Houston Texas today warranted a half day for me. Grant disagreed.



  1. I love you!!! I miss you like crazy!!! Thank you for my shout out :)

    I love the comment about grants half day...and yours.... the RUDE made me laugh out loud... i can see that face of yours with your eyes rolling :)

  2. YES!!!! Finally someone who agrees with me about Jeremy's questionable eyebrows!!! What did you think about her sending both guys home after the 2 on 1 date? I totally didn't see that coming! :) I think Twilley needs to go home!

  3. LOL! Love it! Love you! 1 1/2 days!!!!!

  4. Man I am thinking a 1/2 day for Tiger Woods = a 1/2 day for Brad Pitt - I mean seriously!!
    My hubby took a day off of work for a BIG soccer game last year and I was not happy - mainly b/c a few weeks before I had been SICK and he was like "I don't have any time off"
    Guys are so funny - LOL
    Enjoy your company!

  5. I'm glad we got a chance to visit today! I hope you have a wonderful weekend with Katie and Mo. Love you!