Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rainy Days and Tuesdays

It sure is thunderin' and lightnin' out there! Goodness gracious is this a storm!! I haven't seen rain like this in awhile... but it sure is pretty. I've always been a storm lover. I kinda like it when the power goes out. Unless it goes out when I am getting ready for work, because in that case I am definitely NOT a fan of my hair when it is not blow-dryed and flat ironed. And trust me, you would not be a fan of my hair in that case either. It is just precious.

Katie and Mo came to see us this weekend!! All four of us squished into our one bedroom, one bathroom apartment and had ourselves a ball. Friday night we went to Taco Cabana since they have never been and therefore have never experienced true happiness. It was just yummy and cheap which is always a plus!

Saturday morning we went to the Galleria. Katie and Mo had also never been to the Galleria and I was pretty sure that I was showing them a whole new world. We were on a magic carpet ride, and Katie and Mo were just like Aladdin and Jasmine :). Katie and I both bought many things from the Gap, and we both agreed that it has improved exponentially in the last year or so. Agreed?

Saturday evening we had a fabulous dinner at Birraporetti's downtown. The food was delicious and the conversations were amazing. It is conversations like that that make me realize how much I miss those two darling people! They really are our favorites.

Sunday we went to church and listened to another GREAT sermon. I got all teary eyed at the end. I just felt so much passion in that room and I totally felt the Lord's presence. It moves me every week...

Sunday lunch we went to my parent's for Father's Day, and Katie and Mo came with us. It was fun to show Katie my old house and for her to meet my parents and Jaclyn, Jeremy and Grace. We took a few shots before they headed back to Baton Rouge....

Isn't she just a Barbie Doll?!

We decided to take a picture in front of the mantle... and the guys thought it felt like prom. Hence, the husbands decided to pose like highschool boys. Katie and I are darling as always. Okay, now a real one, guys!The Moxie was just glad to have some visitors :)

So now we are just going about our week. Dinner is in the oven and after that we plan on headin' over to the fitness center to get our work out on. Ya'll know I love me a treadmill, as long as there is a tv in front of it :)


  1. Ok

    #1 - I am so NOT a barbie! And my head looks like it doesn't fit on my body in that pic, HAHA!

    #2 - I miss the Fox and him scratching at my head, precious boy. People are probably reading this and completely confused.

    #3 - YAY for the sermon on Sunday, PASSION is definitely the correct word

    #4 - We love and miss you guys mucho mucho!!!

    AND I am very proud of your treadmillness!


  2. YEAH
    I am so glad you guys had fun
    I do love the "prom" pictures they made me laugh :)
    Thank God for great friends

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  4. Moxie! Kiss that baby boy for me! I'm glad you had a wonderful time with Katie and Mo! I know you've missed them and they've missed y'all too!

  5. LOVED the pictures. Just made me smile. :)

    Stay well my friend. Hope you have a great day.

    Hugs and blessings,

  6. Jen, your hair looks so cute...did you get it cut since I last saw you? You make me wanna rethink growing my hair back out...

  7. Jen,
    We are so excited! I can barely believe it either! Thanks for the sweeet comment. I'll keep you posted!

    Love you!