Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Am Not Even Kidding

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried, people!

Remember just 2 weeks ago or so when I made a post saying that I am going to be an aunt again?


I'm going to be an aunt.


FOR REALS!!!!!!!!!

So just about 2 days after Ronda confirmed she was having TWINS (yaaaay!) I was getting ready for work one morning and my cell phone started chirping. It said I had a "Picture Message" from my sister Jaclyn.

I opened up the picture to see a precious precious picture of my little Grace Parker, smiling from ear to ear, wearing a t-shirt that says "Big Sister". I about fainted!!

My sister Jaclyn is pregnant with her second little punkin! PRAISE GOD!!! The two munchkins will be about 2 years apart. I am just beyond thrilled and excited.

So by April of 2009, Grant and I will be an aunt and uncle to SIX little ones!!!

I feel so blessed. I absolutely adore and love the three nieces I already have and I continue to wait for and pray for the 3 little ones that are on the way.

I mean is this unbelievable or what?!??


  1. Yay!!! Thank you for being so excited for us and what lucky, lucky babies to have YOU for their Aunt. I have a feeling you will give them some pretty stinkin' cute cousins someday too :)
    I love you!!!

  2. WOW!!
    That is so neat!
    What a blessing to be surrounded by so many little nieces and maybe nephews :)

  3. LOVE IT! Love everything about this post!

    And love your new layout! Where from? I might need to change mine, too! :)

    Love you!

  4. That is so awesome! An aunt of six and you're only 24 (tomorrow).

    I have a feeling you will have all six of those babies absolutely loving you! Take care!

  5. Wow! Now that is impressive! I bet you are the best aunt around!

    Hope y'all are doing well. Congrats!!!

  6. Happy Birthday, Jen! I hope YOUR day is fabulous!

    P.S. I love your blog layout!

  7. Jenn!
    Yay for babies! I also so saw some wonderful news on Sally's blog that it was your Birthday! Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful, blessed week sweet girl! I love you!