Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Am Thankful for Katie

I was thinking this evening about how much I love and adore my dear darling friend Katie....

Katie and I are coming up here on our one year anniversary of being friends! :) The Lord blessed us with her and Mo while we were in Baton Rouge. Aside from leaving Grant's family, leaving Katie and Mo was the hardest part of our move to Houston. We still miss them dearly.

During the work week, Katie and I chat the entire day long on gmail chat! :) Call us slackers, or what have you, but I seriously do not think I could get through my week without my constant conversation with her. We talk about our marriages, our jobs, our faith....Sometimes it is really serious, deep conversation where we encourage each other with kind words or, if needed, blunt honesty.... other times we just have fun conversations... (What are you having for lunch today? What are you wearing today? Guess who else is pregnant? We go home in 3 hours and 46 minutes!! )

We also have a game where we tell each other what our current post it notes say.... I think yesterday I had 1. Call Kay w/ Partners, 2. Email elongation report to MK, 3. Waiting for Approval and 4. A picture of a butterfly and "jenny" in block letters..... The post it note game is always fun.

Katie and I get along so well because she has the same sense of humor as me... but also because she has such a kind, sweet heart. I treasure her so much as a friend and I miss her so much. She blesses me so much... she is a constant friend, helper, listener, and compassionate girl. I am so proud of her, she has changed so much in the year that I have known her and I am constantly impressed with how much she wants to glorify God as a person and as a wife. She has taught me alot about obedience. I admire her passionate heart. I learn so much from her about how to love my husband more. God truly brought me a kindred spirit!

Sweet precious Katie... know that I love you with my whole heart and I am BEYOND thankful for you!!!


  1. Yup, I'm sitting at my desk in tears. I am so thankful for YOU, Jennifer Dawn, and for your sweet sweet soul. I love you so very much! I wouldn't want to play the post-it note game with anyone but you! MUAH!!

    P.S. I am getting ready for more Taco Cabana and kaloches!



  2. Um, are you sure you guys don't just love each other so much because you're both the littlest people you know?? It just makes sense that little people would love each other so much.
    Hey, look at us!
    Love you!
    SO glad you have a KINDRED! They're SO priceless!!