Sunday, August 3, 2008

Not Much to Write About

There is not a whole lot going on..... it's been a good week, but rather uneventful. In times like these, a list-format post is the only way to go. Here are a bunch of randoms:

1. Last night we watched National Treasure: Book of Secrets. I LOVE those movies! And they kinda set it up for a sequel and I am all about that. I am a history nerd :)

2. This week I made a pork tenderloin for the first time and it was DELICIOUS. We had left overs for days.

3. We tried a new sandwich place for lunch yesterday called Which Wich. It was SO good and a cool concept too. It's my new favorite place to get a sandwich. Sorry, Subway. Plus, Jared is starting to annoy me.

4. Monday night, I had dinner with my Lindsee and my Joanna at the Olive Garden. We dipped our breadsticks in Alfredo dipping sauce and it was to DIE for. SO good!

5. Grant and I were discussing cars, and he mentioned that he would like to get a Jeep someday. He pointed one out to me, and I said, "I would be nervous putting a car seat in the back of that". Grant stared at me in shock. I mean, we're still a few years off but that IS our next life stage dear!!

6. Did anyone else have problems reading the blogs this weekend? I couldn't get to anyone's page! It just kept saying "Operation Aborted". I didn't tell you to abort the operation! WHAT IS GOING ON!? I was getting really panicked. But it's okay now.

7. I watched "Clueless" on the Oxygen channel. That movie is so classic and hilarious. It never gets old. Alicia Silverstone at her finest.

8. Our summer guilty pleasure has become "Wipeout". THAT IS FUNNY STUFF. We are actually excited when we get home from work on Tuesday nights because we know it is Wipeout night!

9. My dear friend Laura's husband is getting baptized this morning! We are so glad we get to be there to witness such an amazing moment.

10. I have to go shower and get ready for church!

I've missed ya'll!


  1. I SO had that problem with the blogs this week too, and it frustrated me so much, I just gave up trying! Glad it's working good now though, love checking in on you :) Have a good week! x

  2. random comments:

    4. i love reading your (four) blogs and hearing how much fun you have. so glad you were able to get together.

    5. hee hee hee ;)

    6. i had problems too, i'm glad i can blog hop and read up on everyone.

    and kuddos on writing this before church. :)

  3. You totally crack me up
    I love that you told Grant that a car seat would not fit in the back of the jeep LOL
    AS far as the blog goes it was acting up this weekend - it had to do with the sitemeter
    IT was marking everyone as spam :(

    I am so sad you will not be in SA i was really hoping to HUG your sweet neck as well :)

    I just told my mom tonight that I had a list of "youngins" that I wanted to meet and you were one of them :)
    Much love

  4. I love random numbered posts. For a while there, that was all I could muster up!

    I love Grant's reaction to the car seat. You are right, it is the next stage of life. But, remember my deal? No kids until I'm married so we can all go on vacation together. Okay?! Okay.

    I love you and loved the breadsticks we fellowshipped over. Is fellowshipped a word? It is now.

    Love you!


  5. Have not seen one episode of Wipe Out sad about that too!

    Couldn't we all just live off Olive Garden breadsticks?!

    Have a great week.

  6. Ok, I know I already told you this, but HOW WIERD is it that Mo and I had the SAME conversation about the jeep and the carseat!!! What!?

    Your wittiness never ceases to make my day! I love you!!


  7. i would like breadsticks with alfredo dipping sauce right now...seriously. I forgive you for going there without me.

  8. Love the random the reaction Grant had to the Jeep!