Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lessons from the Dog

This morning, Grant decided to take Moxie to the "Bark Park". It's a little gated area for puppies to run and play. They have little ponds they can splash in and little water fountains to drink out of..... Moxie always has a BALL when he is there and it is so fun to see him run off some of that seemingly never-ending energy. I decided not to go, because it is 168 degrees outside.

Anyways, I watched out of my window as Grant was trying to get Moxie in the backseat of his car. Moxie was putting the brakes on. He was holding his ground, staring at Grant in the face as if to say "No way, I'm not getting in there. Last time we went in there you took me to that kennel place which is actually the Vet's office and mom kept telling me I was going to "camp" and I stayed there for 3 days and they gave me shots. And the time before that we drove for 7 hours and I had to pee the whole time. No way, buddy". Eventually, Grant got him in the car and off they went. I smirked to myself as if to say "Just you wait, buddy. You'll be so happy once you get there".

I hate to compare the Most Holy of Holies to a dog owner and myself to a dog.... but I realized that in that moment. How many times have I "put the brakes" on a path that the Lord was leading me down? How many times have I listed the 11 reasons why I should NOT do what the Lord was so clearly telling me to do?

And now, looking back, I see that He was smirking at me, saying, "Just you wait, baby girl". Yes, there are times when a path He chooses for us takes us to the Vet's office and gives us shots, which does not feel good and it hurts, perhaps even a bit broken hearted... but those "shots" we get are to make us healthier and stronger. He loves us so much, even the painful stuff He may put us through is for Good. And maybe next time God puts us in the car.... we should just trush Him cause's He's the smarter, wiser One and maybe we're gonna go run around and play and frolick in the sun!! God loves to watch us burn off some of that seemingly never-ending energy....


  1. that made me are so right. i LOVE that God gives us pictures so we understand His perspective. my personal favorite is gardening.

    thanks for popping over to comment on my blog. i am actually feeling really good right now. we are pumped to be moving--at least now that the boxes are packed! i'm not quite dreading the unpacking part. :)

    and i love your new background...
    those colors, if didn't already know what you looked like, would make me guess you're a redhead (one word? two words?) :)

    i've always wished for red hair...i tried ONCE, but it didn't quite give me the effect i was going for. :)

  2. Good analogy Jen! I saw your Mom at Del Pueblo tonight, always fun to say a hello to her.

  3. Thanks so much Jen! We are going to find out the sex...pretty soon actually. We find out Sept. 2nd...i'm so excited!