Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Alphabetical

A is for apple, because I have had 2 this week.

B is for babies, because I get to see Scarlett, Juliet, Grace and Dean this weekend!

C is for caffeine, because I haven't had any since Sunday afternoon. Let's revisit that: I HAVE NOT HAD ANY CAFFEINE SINCE SUNDAY AFTERNOON. Your continued prayers are appreciated.

D is for Dog Whisperer, cause I've been watching that show and I am just fascinated.

E is for Espanol, because on Sunday we are singing "Blessed be the Name of the Lord" in Spanish and I am all kinds of nervous about it.

F is for Figure Skating, cause I watched that last night. I stayed up way past my bedtime to make sure the American won, and he did. Those were some costumes, I'll tell ya that.

G is for Grey's Anatomy, which was a tad boring last night.

H is for Headache, because the lack of caffeine has brought that along this week.

I is for ice cream, because we had an ice cream sundae bar at work yesterday and it was amazing.

J is for "Jeans Day" because I love it. I feel like my getting ready for work routine is so much faster on Friday's cause I get to wear jeans!!

K is for Knowledge, because knowledge is power.

L is for Lazy, because last night I just made a frozen skillet thing for dinner.

M is for Macaroni and Cheese because... well, you know.

N is for Nap because I am yearning for one at the very moment.

O is for Oysters, cause I tried one the other day and I am officially not a fan.

P is for Possum, because Grant and I spent the better part of half an hour last night in the backyard with a flashlight and a golf club trying to get Moxie away from one. Happy family memories.

Q is for Quail, because that is all I could come up with right now.

R is for Returns, because I bought some clothes online and they looked ridiculous on me and now I have to return them :(

S is for Sing, because I sing when I am alone in elevators. Every time.

T is for Temptation, because I am this close to getting a Diet Coke right now.

U is for Ulcer, because that is on my mind alot lately.

V is for Victory. Because I don't know why.


X is for awkward letter.

Y is for Yummy, as in cheesecake.

Z is for Zebra. Whatever, I'm so over this.


  1. Love it! If I get a free moment to be creative today, I'm so doing this. You are genius, my friend.

    Also, I'm still dying about the possum. Yes, Happy Family memories indeed.

  2. Maybe I will alphabetical my way back into blogging... :)

  3. I did it. Thank you for this glorious idea. I love you.

  4. Jen you are amazing. And I am so excited about the song in Spanish!!