Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Listy List

1. The people that were at my house for the Superbowl Party left FAR TOO MANY bags of chips at my house. The tortilla chips are taking over my body. You may say that I can choose to just not eat them, but I have a deep relationship with tortilla chips. I am halfway angry at them and I halfway want to marry them.

2. Today my office was approximately 88 degrees. Keep in mind that I was wearing a sweater.

3. We are about to leave to go to small group. We are starting Romans tonight and I am so excited!

4. How do we feel about Spaghettio's? I think they should always be a part of my life. Same with Ramen Noodles.

5. I am not so sure how I feel about this news anchor's outfit. She is wearing red jeans, a red silk button up blouse, and a baby blue sweater coat. Please, friends, don't ever allow me to wear red jeans with a red silk top. This ain't no rodeo.

6. Ellen is on American Idol tonight. I can't wait to see her dynamic.

7. The Bachelor is making me angry. I know the final winner and I am none too happy. I may quit watching. But then again, I've been saying that for a long time....

8. Dear Houston Weather: Not that I expect anything different from you, but I would really like for you to make up your mind. Yesterday's hail and lightning is vastly different from today's sunny skies.

9. Dear Tomorrow's Weather: If you want to be inclement enough for me to miss work, I'd be okay with that.

10. Whatcha say we plan a field trip to the "restaurant" I referenced in my last post?



  1. 1. Um, why were we not invited?

    4. LOVE spaghettios. Still can't eat Ramen after I regurgitated them whole while donating plasma in college. That was before my parent's made me stop "selling my body."

    10. Rusty would love to go with Grant. I'll take you to a place a little less scary.

  2. #3 i can't wait to hear what you learn!

    #10 we are in!

  3. WEATHER! That is the answer to your fb status yesterday! doh! Why didn't I think of it?

  4. Umm how do you know the winner of the Bachelor? PLEASE tell me! IF it is Vienna I will throw up!


  5. Please, take me to that restaurant.

    And no, do not tell me who wins the Bachelor. If it's Vienna I'll be spitting mad and it will REALLY show what kind of guy he is.

  6. I hear it's Vienna. BTW, Lindsee is going to ask you something very important! :)