Monday, February 15, 2010

Just For the Taste of It

I have had a Diet Coke every morning since the 9th grade.



It is like my coffee. My Diet Coke is a part of me. It is part of my identity. We are one.

And today, I had to quit. Cold turkey.



Okay here's the thing: I have felt lead/convicted that I need to cut back on my Diet Coke drinking. It is too much and I need to drink more water and blah blah blah healthy blah blah blah. However, when talking to my dad today, we agreed upon the fact that there are several key food groups that require a coke: PIZZA, POPCORN and MEXICAN FOOD.

It just so happens that I eat all of these food groups frequently which results in mass consumption of Diet Coke.

I don't know what I'm going to do, I just know that I have a headache and I can't get any work done.

When this ulcer heals, they say I can have a few in regulation but I don't know if I have the discipline to limit myself to one a week or whatever.

I don't like this. Not at all.

Dear Diet Coke: You've been more than a beverage to me. You have been a constant companion, and encourager, a pick-me-up, and an enabler. I'm your number one fan and I will miss you forever and always.

I predict I will cave within 48 hours.


  1. oh no!

    i had an ulcer at the beginning of the year. they heal but horrible until they do! feel better my friend and i know you can do it!!!!

  2. Oh no! I'm sorry you're not feeling so great and I hope it gets better soon!

  3. I am totally addicted to dr pepper. I get a headache if I don't have one by lunch time!

    Good luck and feel better!

    Jonathan says everyone in your family drinks at least 20 diet cokes per day! Lol.

  4. So, I have had to turn my back on this trusty friend twice in my life. Both times sucked. If it were not for the pursuit of a baby, I would not have done it.

    But, I stand before you today to tell you that I survived and you will too, my friend. Seriously, alternate 2 Tylenol and 4 Motrin every few hours. It's the only way to get through it. It will get easier, I promise.

    I can say that now only because there is a diet coke in my hand as I type.


  5. How did I not know you had a stomach ulcer? When did this happen? And I think maybe the Lord prompted me to quit Diet Coke back in June to mentor you through this time. I'm here to tell you that although the headaches will be stupid, you can do it. I love you.

  6. I hate that this came after you pronounced you would never give it up. Maybe it is only moderation. Praying!

  7. Okay, well, as a diet coke lover myself, I must say that this stinks!!!! BUT, on the bright side, think how much more prepared you will be for pregnancy one day. :-)

  8. Oh, girl! I feel for you. I don't know if I could do it. Even when I am pregnant, I still drink at least 1 per day. Hope you feel better soon.

  9. try and drink a bottle of water with every coke...that's what i do! i find that i feel much better when i drink more water! ahhh, hydration.