Sunday, October 31, 2010

And You Shall Call Her Lemon Ankle

This weekend was beautiful.




It started with tortilla soup and a slumber party at Liz's house. Her husband was away hunting so the girls came over and cuddled on the couch watching movies and chatting. Liz had never seen "When Harry Met Sally" so I made sure to correct that. Such a classic.

I woke up the next morning to find Liz in her kitchen at 7:15am with what seemed like 5 crockpots full of spaghetti. She was making lunch for her little sister's soccer team. Adorable. We ate coffee cake and drank coffee and chatted until I decided to go home and cuddle with my husband a little bit.

Then we headed out to College Station for the A&M/Texas Tech game. Our friends Matt & Katie were our host and hostess in their awesome season ticket seats. We sat in the shade, in the breeze, AND WE WON. Grant and I have not been to an Aggie game in an embarassingly long time but we had so much fun with them and left there thinking that we need to go alot more often.

And also, I sprained my ankle on the way out.

I am ever so graceful.

The game was over, we were walking out of the stands, I got to the last step on the stairs and I came down on my foot wrong. My ankle rolled, I fell down (I felt SO cool) and then a random stranger girl ran and got security who informed me that some medics were coming to cart me down the stadium.

Um, no.

I wasn't even crying. It can't be that bad. I told everyone to give me about 30 seconds. And then I could walk.

And I did. And I was fine.

And then we got in the car and I pulled off my shoes and saw that my ankle had a tumor the size of a lemon growing out of the side of it.


So today I am gimpy.

I am doing the whole R.I.C.E. thing.

R - Rest - been laying on the couch for FOREVER

I - Ice -- Grant is an Ice NAZI.

C- Compression - my dear husband bought me an ankle brace at the CVS and now I am looking super cool.

E - Elevation - keep the ankle above your heart! I am currently blogging with my foot a good foot and a half higher than the rest of my body.

However, I think we should change that acronym to V.R.I.C.E.

The V stands for Vicodin.

I am irritated and annoyed with myself. But hey, what are you gonna do.

I plan on putting a chair on the front porch and sitting there all night to greet trick-or-treaters. I can't keep getting up to go to the door.

And if I leave the candy-giving responsibility to Grant, he will not do it right. He'll probably just hand out candy and not comment on the costumes or tell all the Ballerinas and Cinderellas and Princesses that they have beautiful shoes and a beautiful tiara.

I may eat some Kit Kat's while I'm out there.


  1. Oh my. I wish you had gotten to ride the cart. Sometimes when I sit high up in teh zone I want to throw myself down the stairs so I can get carted down instead of walking.

  2. OH we should have stopped by your house!!

    I am so sad that you lemonized your ankle! Do you get to call in sick to work? ;)

  3. What a great weekend! Well, all except for the ankle part. That stinks! Way to be a RICE girl so it will heal quickly! : )