Monday, October 4, 2010


As soon as I finish this blog post, I am starting page one of Her Daughter's Dream by Francine Rivers. This is the sequel to A Mother's Hope which I finished this summer and I have been anxiously awaiting the continued story of Marta and Hildie. I can't wait to start it! But first I am going to share with you people what is going on in my life currently.

Around the House:

As referenced in my previous post, there are alot of fall happenings going on around here. Lots of gourds and pumpkins and Wall Flowers from Bath & Body Works in the "Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin" scent. There was also alot of fall cleaning this weekend. And alot of laundry. I feel like a new woman.

At work:

I'm busy busy busy all the time. My job description is ever expanding. The end.

At church:

Oooh fall is a busy season at church, is it not? This coming Sunday the Kids Choir that I help with is singing in all 3 services so we have a very busy weekend coming up. I'm also rehearsing with the adult choir at church to perform in the big Christmas Celebration. We've been rehearsing since late August. But it is so fun and I am such a choir nerd. Our Sunday school class is also quite active and I'm hosting a girls' night here at my house in a few weeks. We will also be in costumes. I'm thinking about wearing a blonde wig and an orange jumpsuit. I'd be Lindsay Lohan.
In Houston:

The weather makes me want to burst into a Disney-style song that I've titled "The WEATHER makes me SING with GLEE and dance around and LEAP with GLEE and sing a song with HARMONY and spin and twirl I'M SO HAPPY!!". It's an excellent song. A work in progress. GRANT LOVES IT. I'm sorry but I just start behaving strangely when it dips below 80 degrees. Just so you know.

With Grant:

Gosh, I love him. And he gets cuter and cuter all the time. And funnier. He makes me laugh. Alot. I'm also super proud of him since he made the cut for the Houston Amateur Golf tournament. It's happening this weekend. I'm going to watch him play. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO WEAR. I just can't pull off sporty y'all. I can't do it.

In Regards to Food:

I have a big bowl of fruit on my counter right now and my goal is to finish it by Friday. I'm not sure if I can do that. I can tell you with 100% certainty that I could finish off a bag of chips in 30 minutes. Grant opened a bag of chips earlier and then left it by me. I hollered out to him "I NEED YOU TO GET THESE CHIPS AWAY FROM ME!! I WILL EAT THEM. ALL OF THEM" so he rushed back and hid them. Sigh of relief. I am still thinking about them. But yeah, I'm not making any promises about the fruit.

In Regards to Fitness:

Thanks to a tip from my friend Jessica, I am now super obsessed with Pilates. I do it everyday. My U-verse has a channel on OnDemand called Exercise TV that has short workouts on them. I'm loving it and I really really feel it working. I am on my way to getting toned. As long as the chips stay away. I heart carbs.

What's Happening on the Television:

Well, it finally happened. For over a year now we've been playing catch-up with How I Met Your Mother. As of last night, we caught up with the season DVD's and tonight we watched the show on the night it aired for the first time. It feels so good to be caught up! Otherwise, I'm watching alot of Hoarders which has given me a new-found motivation to keep my house in utter perfection. Those people are wacky. And they have a few cats.

Other things I want to share:

I've really been hearing alot about OBEDIENCE lately. Whether I'm reading a book, listening to the radio, sitting in church or praying, I'm getting a strong message that I need to obey. Pastor Gregg said this Sunday that "50% obedience is called disobedience". GOOD STUFF. Anyways, last night I was reading a book by Elisabeth Elliot called Be Still My Soul and there was a nugget that overwhelmed me. I read it three times and then underlined it and then I starred it and then I highlighted it and then I drew arrows by it and then I put a post-it note in the page. Okay I'm exaggerating but I LOVE IT. She said:

"What a joy it is to obey this Lord, who provides us with His Spirit to counsel and empower us and who ensures that everything that happens to us, even the cyclone that brings nothing but destruction, has come through the hedge of his love before it reaches us". -Elisabeth Elliot

Alright, dear blog readers. Wherever you are. Whoever you are. I'm off to read my book.