Friday, October 1, 2010


Today is October 1st. This is a very happy day for me.

Why is it a happy day?

It's a happy day because it's the start of fall. COOLER WEATHER.

I get to start wearing clothes that look cute on me, which is a stark contrast from the summer clothes that look ridiculous on me. Short, squatty, ash white legs sprinkled with cellulite don't look so good in shorts.

Candles that smell like fall make my heart happy.

I went to Garden Ridge last night and bought $35 worth of fall decor for my home.

Now, fall is not my favorite season. WINTER is my favorite season.

But I love the fall because it is the lead in to winter.

It opens the door.

Houston girls make me laugh. We've been wearing summer clothes since March and now that the temperature has dropped below 90 degrees, we're busting out our leather boots, tweed blazers, and suede jackets. We're a tad eager.

I was tempted to start a fire in the fireplace the other night.

I bought some gourds. I put them on the mantel.

Grant doesn't understand the gourds.

The other thing I love about October is that sometime in the not-so-distant future we get to have an extra hour of sleep.

I only wish Daylight Saving's fell on a work day.


This is the most well written blog post in the history of Jen the Newlywed. So much logic. Such a great flow. So much structure.

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