Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Spontaneous Matthew McConaughey Weekend

So the last few weeks/months I have been a little bit STRESSED. And even when I'm not stressed out, I'm busy. I'm not relaxed.
And I feel like my husband has been noticing. I'm not sure how he noticed. I've been so quiet and subtle about my stress.
So Friday was a glorious day. Around 2:00, Grant called me at work. He asked me what we had going on this weekend. After I told him that most of the things I was obligated to were to happen on Sunday, he said these words: "Do you wanna get away with me this weekend?".
I think he knew he needed to remove me from the situation.
So he got to searchin on the google and found somewhere to take me.
We drove two hours away to the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort in Bastrop, Texas.
We are going to sell our house, quit our jobs and move there.
Me love it.
Moxie got to come with us since the hotel is doggy friendly. Everything was just beautiful. So Texan and quiet and in the country. It has a spa, a golf course, a big pool, lazy river, gardens, restaurants, bike trails, horseback riding, and all kinds of family fun. For those of you with kids, I HIGHLY recommend this for you. So many activities for kids and adults.... on Saturday night we walked out to the park and saw 50 kids sprawled out on blankets, eating freshly roasted s'mores and watching Harry Potter on the big screen. Hotel staff walked around handing out popcorn. It was a beautiful starry night.

On Friday night we stayed in a beautiful, king suite. I had a really, really good night's sleep. I thanked the Lord (and my husband too) for giving us the ability to take such a spontaneous trip that brought so much rejuvenation.

Since our stay was so last minute, we only got to stay in the fancy suite for one night. The second night we moved to a room with 2 queen beds. All I cared about is the fact that the new room still had that big, comfy robe that I lived in for 48 hours. I LOVE ROBES.
Saturday we slept in and had breakfast. We took a bike ride around the property... took walks and enjoyed the view along the Colorado River.

Then Grant played the golf and I had some ME TIME in my room.
It involved:
All in a big comfy robe.
Okay, here's where this gets good.
I was sitting on my balcony, enjoying some magazines and a good cup of coffee.

Moxie and I were having an excellent time.

I heard string music. I looked to the right and saw a wedding. "How perfect!", I thought. I'm enjoying my me time on a beautiful day while listening to live classical music.
People were walking up the sidewalk in front of my balcony and being told by hotel security that they needed to walk elsewhere during the wedding ceremony. (I'd like to take this moment to address the fact that alot of people seemed irritated that they had to walk a different direction. The bride doesn't want your bathing suited flip-flopped children and your big smelly poodle walking behind her altar. GO THE OTHER WAY).
So I'm sittin there and I see a golf cart zip up towards the ceremony. I see the hotel security lift his hand and tell the driver that he needs to go the other way.

Then I heard his voice, "Oh, okay, a wedding, huh? Alright, alright, alright, now what's the best way to get out of here?"

I know that voice. I KNOW THAT VOICE. And I know that girl in the golf cart with him. I know her from People magazine. WHERE IS MY CAMERA, THAT IS MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY!!!

Matthew and his girlfriend Camila.
And this is them driving away.

I then heard the door to the room below me open, and I heard a woman say "I swear to God, Brett it was him!! IT WAS HIM!!"
I hollered down that she was correct. And that I had photographic evidence.
Nothing brings people together like celebrity sightings.

After I saw him, I went inside and saw Fool's Gold on TV, starring my golf cart friend. Following that was Failure to Launch. I wanted to walk over to his room (I knew which one it was) and say HEY, YOU ARE ON THE TV. LET'S WATCH IT TOGETHER!

I think we would've had fun.

This morning, when we left the resort, we walked by Camila and the two children, Levi and Vida, playing outside. Levi looks soooo much like his daddy.

So we're home now.
I feel relaxed.



  1. SHUT UP!!!!!! At first I'm reading it and, i'm moving there too!! That place is incredible! And then I'm wanting to scream, NOOOOO WAAAAAAY!!!!!!

    Girl, I'm all kinds of jealous over here. Man.

  2. I would like to point out that Camila is wearing white pants. After Labor Day. That must mean I could get away with it too, right?

    Seriously, so glad you got to get away. Maybe we should have Girl's Weekend there?!

    Love you.

    P.S. People who read this need to know that your BFF, Matthew, lives in Austin. We're so proud that he's from Texas.

  3. I have a confession. Ok, I read your fb status the other day refering to our pal, Matthew and when I saw his name on my blog roll I opened your blog and immediately scrolled down to see your pictures of him that you got. I am now going to READ this post. IS that wrong? LOVES YOUS.

  4. What a fun weekend! And, even better that you got to see Matthew!:) So fun! Glad y'all were able to get away. Conn and I are getting away at the end of this week, and we could not be more excited.

  5. I love you. That is all.

    Well, no it isn't all. Your husband is saying that y'all might come see us early next year. (Hope that's not sposed to be a secret, Grant. Because if it is - oops.) How fun would that be? You just have to convince him that he won't freeze any body parts off (we DO have heat up here) and that he should come. Well, he's really kind of optional, but YOU should definitely come! (Kidding Grant. You can come too!)

    PS - this isn't Tim Crane. He just usurped my blogger account, so it shows up as him. But it's not. Promise.

  6. 1) we'd like to be your neighbors at lost pines. it's amazing.
    2) i approve of matthew mcconaughey being all of our neighbor there too.
    3) this story/sighting is so awesome.

  7. I love that Lindsee first points out the white pants. :)

    We LOVE LOVE Lost Pines so we will be your neighbor too!

    I love that you instantly KNEW that voice! :)