Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Have Blog Problems

In the last 48 hours I have started and deleted no less than 7 blog posts.

I get 3 paragraphs in and then I think to myself, "Self, this is stupid and no one wants to read it. Not even yourself, self".

Sometimes I worry about myself.

So now I'm just typing. Typing aimlessly.

Let's just start with what I've done since I left work:

1. Spent an hour and $63 in the HEB.

2. Finished singing "In My Arms" by Plumb on the radio before I got out of my car. I had a really good harmony that I wanted to sing.

3. Made red beans and rice with sausage.

4. Opened the lid to some "Cornbread Made From Scratch" (that's what it says on the label) that I purchased from the good people at HEB. Usually I make my own cornbread (and by "make my own cornbread" I mean "follow directions on the Jiffy box") but I was what I like to call FAMISHED and felt that cooking cornbread would take far too long. (And by "far too long" I mean "9 to 13 minutes").

5. Watched Oprah to see Jerry Seinfeld's wife (random) share some easy recipes "for normal people" which involved stuffing a whole chicken with lemon and rosemary and then tying the chicken's legs together with string. Guess I'm not normal.

6. Ate the food with my husband while watching Biggest Loser.

7. Did some Pilates while watching the Biggest Loser.

8. Talked to my friend Liz on gmail chat.

9. Sent out the weekly prayer request mass email for our Sunday School class.

10. Attempted to write a blog post.

11. Deleted the above-referenced blog post.

12. Hit the "Wrinkle Care" button on my dryer to take care of the clothing I failed to remove from the dryer last night.

13. Folded and put away the above-referenced clothing.

14. Dishes, yo.

15. Cleaned the countertops.

16. Sat my booty down on the couch and decided to stop trying to be creative with the blog and just start typing and see what happens.

17. Blogged while watching the news.

18. I am not at peace with leaving a list on an odd number so this is number 18 just because.

I do hope you enjoyed this post since it took 8 tries to come to fruition.

Also, Jennifer, I saw your comment in my last post. Tim Crane is... well that's a different story for a different day. Perhaps I'll write a blog about it. But for now, it's a mystery...

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