Friday, March 14, 2008

Girl, this is MACdonalds!

I had to go to Office Depot yesterday for work. I was preparing for this morning's trial when I realized I needed some more labels for the exhibits. Off to Office Depot I went. Right next door to Office Depot is a McDonald's, which everyone here at work agreed upon. I wrote down everyone's order on my pink post-it notes (very Elle Woods) and off to the store I went.

Office Depot was oh-so exciting. Those people tend to have the personalities of a potted plant.

Anyways, so after my lovely time at the Depot, I headed over to MickeyD's. The drive thru line was wrapped around the building, so I decided it was quicker to go inside.

I walked in and see lots of people just staring at the big menu on the wall. I don't know who is still going into McDonald's and browsing the menu. It doesn't really change, people. It's the same stuff that it has always been. It should not be taking you fifteen minutes to decide what you want. Burger. Chicken. Fries. Those are your options.

Anyways, I was standing there, and the guy in front of me finished paying and stepped to the side. The girl behind the counter just gave me this blank stare, which I guess meant "You can order now". This girl did not look like she was having a good day. She had this look on her face that I've seen before.... the look of "I am here because I have to be and I am irritated with you idiot people and I am looking at the clock every ten seconds to see if my shift will be over soon and I don't like it when people like you are all smiley when I am not smiley". That's the vibe I got from her.

I said "Hello! How are you today?". Blank stare. "Okay then!". I pulled out my pink post it note and began to read off my 12 orders (exaggeration). Little Miss Happy Face read me my total, and I pulled out my wallet, and took out my Visa.

I don't carry cash very often. I know I should. But I find that I spend money faster when I have cash on me. So I didn't have cash on me, and told everyone at work that I would pay with my card, and they could all pay me cash.

Just as I am about to swipe my card in the little machine, Precious Peach grabbed my hand and dryly said "The machine's broke". I kinda was wondering when she was going to let go of my wrist, but I said "Oh, okay, well can we use this machine over here?"

"They all broke"

"All of your credit card machines are broken?

Blank Stare.

"Okay then, well never mind! Have a good day!"

I was almost to the door when Sweet Precious said " 'scuse me!! How you gonna pay fo this?"

I kinda stood there a minute, confused. "I'm not gonna pay for it. I don't have the money. Unless you take a check... do ya'll take checks?"

Sweet Precious rolled her eyes at me and said "Girl, this is MACdonalds!"

Now I was getting kinda irritated. I said "Well ma'am, if you can't take a check than I can't pay for this".

"But I already put your order in"

"Well then cancel it!! It's not my fault your credit card machine is broken. You haven't started making the food yet anyway, just cancel it!"

I was somewhat ashamed of myself for talking back, and somewhat proud of myself for standing up for myself. I was somewhat looking around the place to see if the team from "Punk'd" was about to jump out at me or something. Because, you know, I'm a celebrity.

Sweet Precious and I had a little stare down. She rolled her eyes at me for the twenty millionth time (not an exaggeration) and as I was walking out the door, I heard her say to herself "Sassy!"

That's right ya'll. I'm sassy!


  1. That's hilarious! Thanks for the good laugh. Have a fantastic weekend! :)

  2. Oh girl, don't you just love it! I am forever am going to refer to you as "sassy girl"!

  3. OH NO!! You are kidding me??!! Well, I'm like you. Good for you for standing up for yourself, but was it out of line??!! Nah....Precious should have been a little nicer to ya.

    No eye rolling please!

  4. McDonalds. OH sweet McDonalds. You hold so many memories in my heart.

  5. Ok new nickname - you are now Sassy Mcnewlywed!!

    And way to stand up!
    What did she think you were going to do some dishes for some Mcfries I think not! - LOL