Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm True to Who I Am

Let's get right to it.

This little bundle of cuteness is Brooke White, my new favorite on American Idol. She is sweet and adorable and she sings well and she plays piano and guitar and I love her. Precious.

Jason "Long Eyelashes" Castro is my favorite boy. He also is a Texas Aggie and he gets cool points for that. Great voice, and he seems like a great guy.

Can we just have a moment for Paula "True to Who You Are" Abdul? I am so entertained by her. Mainly because she can't utter a complete sentence. I also think that 98% of her critiques use some variation of the "true to who you are" phrase. That's what I love about Paula. She is true to who she is. And does anyone else think she claps like a seal?

Moving on! I had a fantastic weekend here in Baton Rouge, because my dearingest darlingest Lindsee Lou came to see me. This was her THIRD time to visit me here and I am ever so grateful. We had two quite unsuccessful shopping trips (bermuda shorts look more like cruise director shorts on me) and some incredible cheesecake called Ultimate Snickers. Holla.

Lindsee and I then headed over to have a 2 hour lunch date at Chick-fil-A with my Baton Rouge bestie, Katie. It was so wonderful for her and Linds to meet, and I sure do love me some waffle fries!

We also had a wonderful time at Chase & Ronda's house. Chase is Grant's brother, and sweet Ronda is the one who had the brilliant idea of introducing me and Grant. And for that I am forever indebted to her! (To see pics of our weekend together, go to Lindsee's blog!)

Today I did not get a chance to get my Diet Coke in the morning and I have had the worst headache the whole day because of it! I sure have trained myself to be dependent on caffiene! Goodness! I ate a snickers bar to take the edge off. Don't worry, it was the "fun size".

There is a wind advisory here and Grant and I decided to take a walk. That was a brilliant idea. We walked for a mile, but the wind was so intense I think I did the equivalent of 300 lunges. My thighs are going to feel fantastic tomorrow!

Off to finish folding clothes!


  1. so glad you had so much fun with your friends. Wish I could have been on the couch giggling with you girls. That's why I love you.....you are always so true to who you are.
    love you sister!!!

  2. I love you! And, I had SO much fun. I am so glad it all worked out for me to come visit!!! It was the perfect weekend! :)