Monday, March 10, 2008

Trouser Jeans en Espanol

We had a wonderful Texas weekend! I got in to Houston on Thursday night. Friday morning when I woke up I got to see my sister Jaclyn and her precious baby girl, Grace. That child is unbelievable. She is cuddly and smart and can stand up without holding on to anything! She has all kinds of tricks and she giggles and she fed me cheerios, which was very kind of her! AND, my LINDSEE came over too! Mom, Lindsee, Jaclyn, and Grace joined me for lunch at The Olive Garden. I said "lets go have soup, salad, and breadsticks!". I had no soup nor salad. I did have breadsticks though. And they were delicious!

We went to the mall (PTL!!) and shopped it up. I was really on the hunt for some trouser jeans, cause I have yet to buy a pair. So Linds told me that Old Navy had some that were well priced. We walked through the different sections and couldn't find any. So I saw the Old Navy employee with her little headset on, and I stopped her and said, "Excuse me, where are your trouser jeans?". She just stared at me blankly and said "Um... trouser... jeans? What do they look like... are they high waisted? I don't know what those are". It is my personal opinion that if you are working in a retail store in the mall that sells women's clothing, you need to be up to speed on things like that. Trouser jeans. Learn the term. She might as well have said "Capri pants? What are those?". We did not find trouser jeans there, but we did purchase 2 cookies each from the cookie company. That was a highlight. (By the way, I later returned to the mall and bought some trouser jeans from Ann Taylor Loft. Super cute. Excellent purchase!)

Friday night Grantley and I had to go to the rehearsal dinner for the wedding. While waiting in the restaurant for our party to arrive, I ran into several people from highshool, which is always so weird! But fun! The dinner was delicious and we had a great time.

Saturday Jaclyn and my mom and Grace and me all got mani/pedi's. Ya'll it was hysterical. Jaclyn was sitting in her little chair and one of the ladies who works there decided that Jaclyn needed a magazine. So she sweetly handed a magazine to Jaclyn and said "here you go honey!". Jaclyn said "Thank you!". After the lady walked away, Jaclyn said "JENNY!!!". When I turned to look at her she was holding up the magazine that was given to her: People en Espanol!!! She gave her a spanish magazine! We were not really able to control ourselves. Mom couldn't even look at us or acknowledge the People en Espanol cause she knew if she started laughing we would never be able to stop! CLASSIC!

Saturday night was the wedding. For the record, I wore a black dress with a black shrug, gold earrings, and a long black beaded necklace. It was really cold out so I also were my black pea coat, so the outfit didn't even matter so much! (Thank you everyone who commented! Ya'll were very helpful!) Lauren, the bride, looked beautiful. It was a gorgeous day and everything went so smoothly.

We drove back last night. Daylight savings was getting the best of me this morning. It felt far too early to be waking up! Not to mention that my husband kept pulling me back into bed as I was trying to get ready. He kept saying, "No work! Sleep!". I couldn't agree more, but I had to keep going :)

So here I am now, at work, pretending to be very busy with all this typing. They have no idea I am updating my blog :) I will leave you with a verse that kinda jumped out at me last night:

But I will trust in your unfailing love
My heart rejoices in your salvation
I will sing to the Lord
For He has been good to me
Psalms 13: 5-6

Happy Monday, and have a wonderful week!


  1. You.

    You should write a column for a magazine. I can SO hear you talking as I read your posts. I love it.

    I love that loon in Old Navy. Hah! If I were with you I would have told her, "Clamstrips, Ya big Idiot!!"

    I love that Jaclyn got a People En Espanol. I mean, who WOULDN'T think Jaclyn was Hispanic...? Right? Ha!

    And I love you Mrs. Jiffer!!

    P.s. I SO wanted to use the word "loon"...but I wanted to make sure that it was a real word. You know, I didn't want to sound like that girl at Old Navy!! So here were the two definitions gave me:

    loon (lōōn)
    n. Informal
    One who is crazy or deranged.
    (This one works, totally. But check out the next one...)

    loon (lōōn)
    n. Any of several fish-eating, diving birds of the genus Gavia of northern regions, having a short tail, webbed feet, and a laughlike cry.
    (Crack me up, can you picture this?? Ok. This definition might be more appropriate for that girl...Trouser Jeans, seriously!!)

  2. oh and just for the record...

    amy is here visiting (i know, so fun!) and i was sharing with her this hilariousness that is your blog...

    she was like, "what are trouser jeans...?"

    "wow. um. like jeans that are cut like trousers. you've never heard of them?"

    "oh. who calls them that anyway??"

    "um. banana, gap, old navy, ann taylor..."

    Hahah!!! So I guess my sister's a loon. Maybe SHE could work at Old Navy too!!!