Thursday, March 27, 2008

Grab a Tissue!

Okay ladies- you have to see how precious this is!

Turn up your volume, and enjoy a 4 1/2 minute music video of my wedding day!

Makes me cry everytime I've watched it! (About 300 times now)

You'll even get to see my maid of honor, LINDSEE LOU catch the bouquet!!

**Update**- I should probably give credit where credit is due! My AMAZING videographers at Artista Media did this for me! They are HIGHLY recommended!

Love ya'll!


  1. Oh, Jennifer! It's beautiful! Your wedding was one of the best I've ever been to - it was beautiful, it was fun, it was memorable, and it was God-honoring! Thank you for sharing this and for bringing back so many wonderful memories!


  2. Can we do it again? Same people, same everything?! I have now watched it 3 times. It's been an hour. :)

    Love you, precious JDI!


  3. oh, how sweet, thanks for sharing...

    1. i've heard your mom tell the story of that morning y'all not feeling well--SO did not show, you were all glowing with joy.

    2. grant's expression when you were coming into the sanctuary, PRECIOUS! loved the chest-heaving sigh.


    3. that girl had NO CHANCE once lindsee reached for the bouquet!

  4. I cried and I don't even know you. Weddings always leave me teary! You were married on my son's 2nd birthday :) Beautiful ceremony!

  5. You are so precious! I want to watch mine now...its on VHS. Might be a problem!
    Love You!

  6. That was awesome! Thanks for sharing! Did your videographer put that together?

  7. The video is awesome and you look stunning. I think how God orchestrated for you and Grant to meet . . . started with the Astros baseball game and Ronda thinking that you and her brother in law should meet. Wow!

    God is so good and works in unexpected ways!

  8. That video is gorgeous!! And my best friend's dad was your videographer, that is so cool!!! Thank you for sharing that!!

  9. OK - I'm crying again!
    :) Love ya' Mama Eddy

  10. Ok know that we don't "know" each other but I feel like I just want to call you up and talk about each picture in that video.....BEAUTIFUL!! And, yes. I cried like a big ole baby!!

    Thank you so much for sharing that with us. To see Grant's face as you walked down the aisle...took my breath away. Absolutely beautiful.

    Blessings over you and your man!

  11. Hi Jen, it's Nat, for some reason, Blogger won't let me log in?! Oh my word, that video was breathtaking. Such beauty... plus, now I've heard your accent ;-) xxx