Thursday, March 20, 2008

Things I'm Looking Forward to

1. Today is my Friday because our office is CLOSED tomorrow for Good Friday! I plan on sleeping in. And that is as far as I have planned!

2. Easter! Grant and I are heading to New Orleans to be with his family. I love Easter, it really is right up there with Christmas. There is nothing greater than celebrating our Risen Lord!

3. Family Vacation! Grant and I are joining my family in April for a few days in the Texas hill country for some much needed R&R.

4. At this family vacation, I plan on having atleast 1 of my 3 nieces in my arms at all times. Aunt Jenny is gonna be giving some loving. And lots of kisses!

5. In April, THE OFFICE is returning to my television. Be still my heart.

6. In May, my twin nieces, Juliet and Scarlett are turning TWO (unbelievable!!) and my little Parker is going to be ONE! Those girls are growing up far too fast!

7. Also in May, me and my Lindsee and my Jo are having our Girls Weeked 2008!! (We spell it WeekED instead of weekEND because Lindsee makes a cake each year and the first year we had Girls Weeked she misspelled the cake and I think I almost peed). Sadly, our Sally Ann cannot join us this year, but we are thinking of her and praying for her and her new little boy growing in her tummy! :) To see pics of Girls Weeked 07, click here.

I will leave you with this little picture of Grant and me at Scott & Lauren's wedding a few weeks back. Can you see his camouflage vest peaking out there? ;)

Oh, and one more thing! Tomorrow is my blog-a-versary! That's right, I did my very first post one year ago tomorrow! It's fun to look back and read the things I wrote way back then. It has been a joy in my life and such a creative outlet, as well as a way to meet some amazing people!

I love you ladies!


  1. Holla for Girls Weeked '08!!

    Holla for your blog-aversary!!! I missed mine way back when. Oh well! But, can you believe I've almost hit 200 posts?! Wow.

    Love you. Glad you have tomorrow to sleep in!!!!


  2. Happy Blog-aversary! :)

    You enjoy every bit of all the wonderful-ness going on around you!

    Happy Easter my friend. Have a glorious weekend!

  3. Okay, so I'm so glad y'all are headed into New Orleans too! When are y'all coming????

  4. Um...I want to be in the know about this Girls' Weeked business!!! I want to at least be able to imagine myself there!!!
    I love you Jen!!

  5. Only your husband could pull that one off and still look good! Have fun in Vegas! I will let Linds know about all the good places!