Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Okay, as sweet and precious as she is, I think this little lady is going home tonight. When Simon uses the word "horrendous" I think that is a bad sign. Also, she destroyed that song...Pretty smile though!

I wish that Amanda was going home though. I am over her. I think she is cool and all but she needs to be singing with a band at some cool bar Los Angeles or something. Too nasal for me....

Everyone says that Carly here is one of the frontrunners. Am I the only one who doesn't get it? She has a powerful voice and her pitch is good but her tone is kinda painful for me.... I'm not so into it.

Also, those pants do nothing for her! :)

Last night was a good show, Chikezie really impressed me. Poor little David forgot his words. That was sad and stressed me out for him! My favorite girl, Brooke, did a great job, but did anyone else feel like she was panicking up there? She seemed really tense and stressed, and as soon as she finished the song she immediately began crying. I was yelling at my TV "Breathe, honey. Relax!". She still did a good job though.

Does anyone else have any thoughts on this subject? :) You know you do!


  1. I *hands* down agree with *everything*!!!!! Absolutley EVERYTHHING!!!

    *kristy Lee is going home...forsure!! I mean Lord love us...trying to turn that song into Lori Morgan 101!!!
    *Amanda *ruffles* me!!! She has over stayed her welcome ;) and her pants...Lord help me!!
    * Carly...never been a fan! I mean yes she is good...but i am ready for them to be over her...there is better talent!!
    *CHEIKZIE :) Oh my word!! He made me cry! I was so *proud* of him! Now thats a boy...who *deserves* to be where he is!! Go Jacuzi :)

    Love you!!

  2. Oh my could i leave out my *favorites*!!!

    Brooke white!! She is a precious as Texas to me!!!

    Jason castro!! I love his humility!! He is an all around fabulous guy!! He has beautiful teeth and he is an AGGIE!!! God bless him!!!

  3. Jen,
    Ok so obviously I know who went home and I had it narrowed down to Kristi and David H. I honestly thought David H was going home b/c of the scandelous news that came out about him last week. So it happened - home he went.
    I am with you about Amanda - I think her target audience is very small and her appeal is waning. Plus at this point I just feel like she is screaming not singing.
    I felt so bad for David A forgetting those words - I think I said "oh NO!" at least a half dozen times and "poor thing!"
    My favo is Jason Castro and Brooke!

    Love ya my Jen the newlywed :)