Monday, August 4, 2014

120 Seconds

Some days feel longer than others. The other day, my husband came home from work and I almost immediately announced that I was going to go check the mail. He quickly offered to walk to the mailbox for me, but I enthusiastically grabbed the keys and started walking to the door. Again, in all of his sweetness, he said “Babe, I know it’s really hot out, I’ll go for you.” I never broke stride and didn’t even look back as I walked out the door saying, “No thanks, I’ve got it!” 

And then I took a walk to the mailbox. A very, very slow walk to the mailbox. 

So, you’re thinking maybe I was expecting an exciting package or letter. Or maybe that I needed the exercise. But you would be wrong. I just wanted to get away for 120 seconds. 

Seriously. That’s how long it takes for me to walk to our mailbox and back. Two (very brief) minutes. But I wanted 120 seconds of silence. Even if it was 186 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Even if I did have to change clothes since I came back dripping with sweat. It didn’t matter. I wanted to quietly walk to the mailbox. 

I absolutely love and adore being a momma. I genuinely do. But I don’t get 120 seconds of silence. I can’t even listen to calm, peaceful music in the car anymore. We are listening to Disney soundtracks or that catchy VBS CD the kids got back in June. (I love VBS. I love the music. But that CD is starting to give me a nervous twitch. I think it may need to be retired for a little while and not come back until sometime around mid-February.) As much as I adore being a momma, sometimes I need a break. I need to retreat and walk outside to the mailbox all by myself. And maybe I’ll take the long way back…. or just sit on the curb outside the house. I just came up with that idea just now. I’m definitely sitting on the curb next time he gets home from work. I’ll just sit there and sing “All to Jesus I surrender…” while I rock myself back and forth. Ten minutes of that and I’ll be ready to cook dinner. 

We all need to retreat. Retreat from work, retreat from projects, retreat from the burdens and pressures we face every single day. Whether we are retreating from the mundane and the monotonous or the complicated and chaotic, The Lord made us to need Him. We need to come to Him, seek Him, and as we pour ourselves out day after day, He can pour into us day after day. We’ll run empty if we aren’t replenished.

Sister friend, do you need refreshment? Rejuvenation? A lift in your spirit? 120 seconds where no one is asking you for “more crackers, Mommy?!” Schedule a break into your week. Take a walk, have a cup of coffee, or by golly just take an ever-loving NAP! If you need some extended retreat time, some fellowship with other women, some time to worship and have a good Word poured into your soul, I invite you to join me this October 3-4 at the Houston's First Baptist Church Women’s Retreat. It’s here in town, it’s less than 48 hours, and you get to spend the night in a quiet hotel room that has lovely, clean linens that someone else will wash after you leave. Amen, sister. 

Matthew 11:28 says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” I recite that to myself when I’m getting overwhelmed. He’s the only one that can get me back where I belong. Let Jesus fill you up and refresh you. Stop your routine for just a moment, and let Him fill you with a breath of renewal. 

In the meantime, I’m gonna go walk into my closet and close the door and take a few deep breaths. The retreat can’t get here soon enough!

** I was honored to be asked to write this piece for our church newsletter. I am even more honored to be a part of the planning committee for this awesome event. Seriously, if you are needing a good 24 hours of replenishment, join us. For more information, click here.**

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