Saturday, August 16, 2014

Some Things You Should Know

I'm still coughing. Two weeks now. 

Hello, my name is Jen and I am over it. 

Plus, I've gotten to that point where your entire body aches from all the coughing.... Like your rib cage is one giant bruise. The good news is, I have finished most of my prescription medicines so I am no longer highly medicated and acting loopy. Although I'm sure that was fun for some people to witness.

Another thing you should know is that I had an asthma attack on my 30th birthday. It wasn't all that dramatic but it happened and I couldn't find my inhaler, and then I found it and all was okay. Starting my 30s off with a bang. Hooray for upper respiratory issues!!

I've gotten a few questions about the house we stayed in for Cousin Camp. Every year my parents host Cousin Camp for the kids at their home in Cypress, and during that week we will rent a small hotel condo for about 2 nights in Galveston.  Because this year was my parents' 40th anniversary, they decided to go a little bigger this year and they rented a house for the entire week as a combined anniversary celebration/ Cousin Camp/ family vacation. It was amazing. The house was on a different part of the island than I had ever been to before and it was so, so beautiful. The beach was pretty private and there was beautiful, powdery sand. It didn't feel like Galveston, that's for sure. It was just so beautiful and definitely felt like a vacation. We loved the house and could cook most of our meals there... The kids slept in bunk beds (except for Ellie) and they loved that. It was really such a great trip and great memories were made! 

As an anniversary gift to my parents, my sisters and I hired a photographer to drive out to the beach and take some family portraits. They turned out stunning and I can't wait to share them with y'all... More on that in a later post. 

I'm typing this on my iPad mini! That was Grant's birthday present to me.  I am loving it (never had an iPad before) and am especially loving using it as an eReader. Already finished 2 books and am in the middle of another right now. I'd also love to pat myself on the back and tell you that I have been using this iPad for over a week now and ELLIE STILL HAS NOT SEEN IT OR KNOWS THAT IT EXISTS. I am sure that at some point she will see it and try to play all the games and watch all the shows, but for now I am loving having it all to myself. I just keep it out of her view and really only use it when she's asleep :)

And now, at 10:30 on a Saturday night, after writing this riveting blog post about a bunch of things you probably don't care about, I am going to hit the sack.

Goodnight, friends. 

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