Friday, August 1, 2014

I Bought Some Shirts from Anthropologie

Anthropologie had a sale. I just couldn't resist, y'all. I don't normally buy clothes from Anthropologie because I don't believe in spending $175 on a shirt. I just don't. But when they have sales, I will browse the website and see if anything in my price range is worth my consideration.

And a few days ago, I bought 3 shirts. And today, I returned 2 of them. Let's discuss:

Item #1:  Ridgewood Tee

Okay, so this model here in this photo looks super cute in this shirt. And it looked very comfortable online. When I opened the package, I thought the shirt was super lightweight and casual and would be perfect for Fall. It had 2 big issues: The first problem is that the care label said "Hand Wash Only" and I am just not made for that. I am not gonna be hand washing my clothes, y'all. I'm just not. The second and much bigger problem, in my opinion, was the tan, leather stripes going across the shirt. While it was unique and cool, IT ALSO LOOKED AND FELT LIKE A BAND-AID. Y'all. It was like I slapped 2 giant band-aids on my shirt. I just couldn't. 


This shirt is perfect and I love it and I am keeping it. I am already imagining it with all the boots in the Fall. (Can you tell I'm yearning for cooler temps?!) I thought it fit really nicely and I have so many jewelry options and I can wear it with black or brown and I am thrilled with this purchase. 

This shirt was the cheapest of the three and I really loved the fabric and the weight of it. However, that top ruffle sat right on the chest area and it made me feel like ChaCha from Grease for some reason. I don't know why. But there were 3 ruffles plus the 2 ruffles on the sleeves so that's 5 ruffles and I'm curvy enough as it is and it was just more than I was willing to walk around wearing publicly. Also, the shirt was a little short and I like to wear my shirts longer. In summary, this shirt was just not all that I needed it to be.

So, today, Ellie Paige and I went to City Centre and returned the two shirts that I decided not to keep and the whole process couldn't have been easier. And since she was such a good girl, we walked over to Sweet and got a chocolate chip cookie for each of us and a Raspberry Italian Soda for me. So really, all in all, it was a delightful afternoon. 

And when the temperature dips below 116 degrees, perhaps I'll wear my new shirt from Anthropologie. 

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