Monday, August 25, 2014

Red Carpet Recap: Emmy Awards 2014

It's the Emmy's y'all!!

I am seated on my couch in my pajamas with a bowl of popcorn and a Diet Coke and I am in my happy place.

Tonight's red carpet was full of gorgeous hair, giant jewels, luxurious fabric and plunging necklines. There weren't too many horrid decisions this evening, which makes it a little less fun for me, to be honest. :)

Let's just get right to it, shall we?

Matthew McConaughey's wife always nails it. Always. ALWAYS. Also, remember that time I vacationed with them?! I think this is just gorgeous on her. Although, it is not difficult for her to look gorgeous. I mean, really. 

I don't know who this is but I like her dress very much. 

Hi there, Blossom. This color is beautiful on you. You should wear it again one day when you are a Mother of the Groom. It would totally work! 

Julie Bowen's hair looks beautiful. Not so sure about the dress. Also, not so sure why her photo was taken in the parking lot. 

Kaley Cuoco looks like a Valentine. 

Zooey Deschanel doesn't really look like herself here. Not sure what it is, but she just looks different. That being said, she looks pretty. But, I am a little underwhelmed. Nothing overly bad or good about this. "Meh."

She looks so, so pretty and her hair is like magic. Her hair and makeup people need a raise. 
I can't stop looking at her hair. 

Love that jeweled neckline!

Beautiful hair on Edie!

LOVE Giuliana's dress. Still getting used to her as blonde. But the dress = FAB.

Schnazzy jacket, Luke Dunphy!

Will someone come over and do my hair like this everyday? Okay, thanks. 

HAYDEN! I have a few things to say.
1. She chose a beautiful dress as always.
2. She's quite pregnant!
3. Her boobs are out there. Like, really out there.
4. Does it make me a bad person that I kinda love that she has pregnant face? 
5. She is stunning. 

Welcome back, Katherine Heigl! Great hair. Great eye makeup. Would've liked this dress in another color. But all in all, it's a great look. And I'm happy to see her back on the red carpet!

Christina Hendricks looks beautiful! I feel like this is the most, um, contained she has ever been on the red carpet. 

I think Felicity Huffman is darling and her hair and dress are simple and perfect. Also, her husband, William H. Macy, is the narrator on Curious George on PBS. So, I love him too. :)

She is so pretty. Love this skirt. Love the colors. Love her hair. Love it all. 

I love this color on Allison! And her hair is gorgeous. So fun to see her win... she's a hoot.

I think this dress would be prettier if she smiled. That, and if it didn't look like upholstery.

The texture on this dress reminds me of some kind of sea creature. Not sure why. Maybe the Loch Ness Monster? I don't know. I'm really weird, y'all. 

Great color on Mindy! (You need to watch her show. You really, really do.)

This dress was brought to you by the Letter V. 

However, she totally wins in the color category. I love me a vibrant blue. 

A few things: 
1. I am ready for that show to come back.
2. Orange is not my favorite color.
3. She's wearing some sparkly biker shorts.
4. She had a baby 4 months ago.

Love seeing Kristin Wiig in white! Beautiful!

Not sure who this is, but I'm pretty sure I've seen this dress at Ann Taylor Loft. 

I don't understand what is happening here. 
No, really. What is going on.


Adam Levine and his wife! Her dress is pretty. He is wearing sunglasses because he's too cool for school.

I adore Melissa McCarthy. This looks is a tiny bit Addams Family but I'll let it slide cause she's all kinds of adorable.

The giant rock on Debra Messing's hand makes up for the fact that someone took a knife to her dress. 

Well isn't this just darling?!?! I love her dress!

I don't really know this guy's name but I do not like him because of what he did to Detective Olivia Benson.

This dress is FUN!

Well aren't they just precious. Also, I can not move past this photo without mentioning that THAT IS INIGO MONTOYA. You killed his father. Prepare to die. 

I would look exactly like this if I were to wear that dress.
#Sarcasm #LoveHandles

Look at Amy being all glam! Fancy Pants McGee! 

There is a lot going on here. 

Again, with the plunging necklines. Ta-Tas everywhere!

This was really pretty when the camera zoomed in on it. And her earrings were amazing! I want. I need. 

Gwen Stefani looks so tiny!

I feel like he didn't know what to do with his hands. 

Her earrings. Her dress. Her hair. MAKE IT STOP SHE IS SO PRETTY.

Not my favorite. 

She's quickly becoming one of my Red Carpet favorites. She makes fun, feminine choices. And also, she's going to be Peter Pan, so there's that. 

It was a fun night! Seth Meyers did a great job. Not too many surprises as far as winners were concerned, but I was still entertained. And that Robin Williams tribute.... I'm just gonna go ahead and admit it. I cried. 

Who was your favorite on the red carpet? What was your favorite moment in the show?

Thanks for reading! I had a blast as usual!


  1. I think was the lack of smokey eye makeup and wide opened puppy dog eyes that made Zooey look different tonight.

  2. 1. I did not and still don't even recognize Gwen Stefani. Too skinny. Eat a burger.
    2. First thing I did this morning was to check to see if your post was up. LOVE IT!
    3. Have a great day :)